Menagerie North

The meat grinder of the north - St. Petersburg Russia was created as a sacrifice factory and an indoctrination camp; a delivery device, as it were, for all things gilded nefarious. Like captured soldiers or political subversives, Russians were here commanded to dig their own graves before kneeling in tattered wares upon the lips of eternity. Under whip cruel and oriental, weilded by whispers of the Khan, and echoes of Babylon, this circus of the underworld grew forth from the black, oily swamp, and unfurled its tendrils macabre across this earth in the marmalade halflight.

St. Petersburg, Russia


Celestial Loom

The Tesla-Ludendorf Bell - Interdimensional Supertransponder - Fontanka Canal

Queen Astarte Square

The Ubiquitous Marriage of Phallus and Dome

Bonfire Alley

Phallus, dome, bound in fasces, lit aflame, incessantly lapping the northern sky - the sacrifice of the king

Catacombs of Laura

Shadow Lanes to the Sleeping Garden

Yusopov Garden


Garden Street


Little Rotterdam


Vaselievsky Island

Streets crippled in piss, soaked in potholes, bodies drowned in angel maker vodka - the rose of the city

The House of Witch's Blood

Dakota East | Rimsky-Korsakov Street

TV Gardens


Lion's Pass

Threshold to the Hypnosis Protocols

Fishermen's Folly

If a colorful fish is caught from this bridge, one lively and of good disposition, it must be taken to the Summer Gardens and there deposited in the lake - otherwise the lucky catch will procure 7 years ill health and inestimable damages to one's prowess

Shadow Gun Alley

The Glistening Bending Bow of the Western Fontanka

Trinity Bluetooth


Lioness Incompatible


Mercury Morganthau

The Steps to NicklePenny Court and the Wittenburg Induction Groves

Daphene Channels

The Dalliance Row of Daffodil Rose | Fonarny Alley

Shooting Gallery

The Sport Shooting of the Black Monk, Grigory Rasputin, Caught at the Gates | Yuspoov Palace - December 30, 1916

Aurora Borealis

Aurora, the Dawning of a New Age, the Cruiser used to signal the Babylonian Bolshevik Murder Campaign

Andromeda's Looking Glass

The Little Wintering Canal - Winter Palace | Hermitage Theatre

Old Kalinkin Guardhouse Bridge

If one wishes to meet a departed one, they wait upon this bridge at half past midnight with 2 silver kopeks

The Sandlot

Boarding Houses of the Lillac District

Toast & Caviar

Incidental Incinerations along the Fashionable Boulevard de Khazaria

Sun Gate

The Smooth and Nimble Surrounds of the Katherine Canal

Confectioner's College

Gumdrop Dreams and Marshmallow Memories

Sugarplum Lane

Meeting House of the Antediluvian Poets

Elevated Coach

Factories of Consumer Delights | The Garpacho District

Helio Beacon

The Smolny Lighthouse | Candle on the Water - Communicating with the Stars

Sand Traps

Catacomb Passageways of the Smolny Pilgrimage - 9th Station

Ligovka Lines

Merriest of Burrows - Ligovka | The Salt District

Baker's Bridge

Freshed backed rolls lathered in oily butter, stuffed obese with meats mysterious

Carcinogen Syringe

Factory and Tenement | The Recipe of Societal Change - From Wages to Footprint

The Laural Gates

The Cemetary of Blissful Slumbers | The Caves of Bread

Rasputin House

64 Split-Pea Soup Street

Rape Van

On the Pleasure Prowls | Gallery Street

The Enchanted Garden

Paths of the Twisted Rose | Cutroad to the End of the Night

Santa's Little Helper

$2.50 Worth of Skull Rape

The Friendship Gallows

Dog Collars of the Chattel

The Hermit Crab

The Prison of the Cross | A Box of Hands

The Bavarian Skullhouse

Meeting Chambers of the Monarch Society

The Pink Rabbit

Chokepoint Discourses and Maligned Satin Forces

Amnesty Courthouse

Maritime Law in the Circus of Pergatory

Gates of Hercules

The Old Shipyard of New Amsterdam

Watch Post

The Guard House of Anubis

Keeper of the Coffers

Dragons Protecting their Embarrassment of Riches

Strawberry Champagne


The Crimson Throne


Atlanteal Spire


Dome of the Rock

Supercharger to the Unknown

Blood Circus

Playgrounds of Operation Bloody Sunshine

Hermes and the Campfire

The Overseer of Transitions and Boundaries | Transporting the Flames Home - Conducting the Souls

Master of the Swamp

Willing Executioner of Operation Eastern Trance