The Midnight Supper

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St. Petersburg, Russia


An Open Invitation

Particularly dinner guests such as these arrive only in Dreams

Market Stalls and Fresh Brew

Along these Northern Banks the First Markets and Taverns Grow

Wailing Banshee of the North

An Insatiable Goddess Oversees Her Alter and Banquet

The Earthly Carpenter

Chiseling the Delivery Device | Ever Mindful the Great Work

Kunstkamera - Gallery of the unGodly

The First Museum in Russia - "a Cabinet of Curiosities" - Human Fetuses and inVarious Deformities Housed Within

Rococo Versailles

The Winter Palace | By Italian, After French, For German

The Snake King

Calming the Swamp Waters - Raising the City - Driving the Slaves


Chateau of Peculiar Nights | Menshikov Palace


The Temple of Bones | St. Isaac's Cathedral

London Calling

The English Quay | Avenue of Ghosts

Al-Khem on the Neva

Home to the Black Sorcery of Egypt | The Fires of Babylon

The Angel of War

Glorying in the Burnt Offerings of the Napoleonic Wars

Watchtowers of the Snake

A City Slumbers in Tangerine Ghost Trance

Asiatic Teleconductor

Channeling the Killing of a King

Golden Antenna

Upward High the Pantheon of the Gods

The Bridge of Eternal Sleep

Those who walk this bridge after midnight are condemmed to cruel and mysterious fates

Walpugris Night of the Amazon

To the Greeks the Amazons were called "Androktones" - "the killers of men"

Through the Jaws

The King of all Animals - the Griffon - Half-Lion, Half-Eagle, Guardian of Secrets

Lions Gate

Suspended Walkway over the River of Slumber

Banker's Bridge

Protected by Griffons | The Trinkets of the Mob Housed in the Temples of Zion

Paradise of the Sphinx

Nocturnal Overseer of the Marmalade Nekropolis

The Sisterhood

Gatekeeper of the Underworld Waterway

Little London

Previously exiled in Germantown - in the New Jerusalem the AngloSaxon Experience are provided a front row

Children of Nut

The Hitobashira Support the Plasterine Heavens

Fairy Whisper Bridge

Alone on the Bridge at Night - One Encounters Voices | Castle of St. Michael

Back Alley of the Unrighteous

Prefered Rape Alley of the St. Petersburg Judenrat | Trinity Cathedral

Midnight Marmalade

The Shadow Gardens of the Admiralty

Narrows Bridge

Gateway of the Dostoyevsky Passage

Aleksander Gardens

Drinking in the Darkness of Hours

The Silk Palace

Home to the Velvet Noose

A Room with a View

Paradise Park | Petrograd Side

House of the Purple Spectre

Midnight Luncheons of Luxury and Fine Liquors | Fontanka Canal


Prison Recreation Yards of Goy Camp North

The Dancing Gardens

Rasputin Park | Playground of Myrrh and Frolic

Night Walkers

Midnight Apparitions Skirt through the Eerie Cream of the Sands

Old Kalinkin Mirror Pond

Taketh in of the Currative Waters, Old Nimble Chap

Split-Pea Soup Bridge

The Rasputin Thoroughfare - No Tolls, No Bacon

Stoned on the Perimeter

Oily Dregs of the Passerby Canal - The Cancer Ring - Industrial Sewer - Southern Edge of Town

Candylane of Millionaires

The Stardusted Canal Serpentine of Parlored Perfume

Stargazer Chapel

Fontanka Canal | Moonlight Side

Isles of a Million Roses

The Diamond Promenade | Fontanka Canal West

Marmalade Empire

The City Sleepes Along a Nile of Frozen Dreams